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Fears and phobias are perceived to be associated with specific events that have occurred in our life. It is true that we associate fear with some event where fear was a part of that experience and often times a phobia may develop as a result of that association, but fear is actually a vibrational range of low energy that we have been collecting in a central collection point for a long time. Often times a trauma actually occurred as a result of that experience and fear is only one of many emotions associated with it.

What is a phobia?

A phobia occurs as a result of a trauma being associated with that experience and each time we encounter enough stimulus to recall the feeling of the initial experience, we feel the fear again. Fear of heights, clowns, bridges, insects, etc. are all triggers to recall the protective device that our body uses to warn us away from what we perceive to be danger. However, fear itself is nondescriminating and can be a level of emotional chaos that we use to live our life.

How does one get rid of a Phobia?

As explained on the Trauma page it is necessary to get rid of what is called a "Trauma Cap". Once the trauma cap is removed the the underlying emotions, including fear can be accessed and layer by layer removed.

How do I get rid of the predisposition to interpret life with fear?

Life brings us experiences to trigger "unwanted conditions" within us that we need to work to heal. If fear is your level of operation then life will continue to bring you triggers to bring this to your awareness and prompt you to begin to do the work to get well. Through a series of emotion processing methods you begin to start unloading the emotional baggage that you have collected to create your fear based operation.

Initially you will probably need to begin with some guided sessions where we help you to unload the fear until it gets sufficiently released that you have enough energy/consciousness to begin doing the work yourself. Then you can do most of the work yourself with only periodic guidance from our processors.

How long will it take?

As always, that depends on you. It depends on where you begin, as far as how much emotional baggage you are carrying. It depends on how hard you work on yourself to institute healing. Immediate results are possible and probable, but completion of the healing is variable depending on your commitment.

What should I expect?

Almost immediately you should expect to feel better and feel less fear. Over a relatively short period of time you should notice a significant change in how you view life's experiences. Ultimately you should be totally self aware and be able to look at all of your past life experiences that have held fear and see them as just another experience. You should be able to embrace fear as the protective emotion that it is and make rational choices as to whether fear is the appropriate response to this new life experience opportunity or not.

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