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Special Applications & Programs


Inter-dimensional Breath Workshop

Once you experience the wave of unbridled energy flowing around the room and the liberating freedom of the energy releases that take place during the session, you can't wait to experience it again. This 2 hour workshop provides a unique experience for each individual, but it always is just what each person needs.

$40.00 per person. No preparation is required to participate, but a minimum of 10 people is necessary to conduct the workshop.

Gnostic Intensive Workshop

Prema Healing Meditation , 5658 S. Rex Road, Memphis, 38120.

Prema Healing Meditation , 5658 S. Rex Road, Memphis, 38120.

Class sizes are limited and vary per venue. Don't wait until the last minute or it might be too late.

Workshop Schedule


Have you ever had the experience of really feeling Enlightened? of really feeling "Oneness", if only for a few minutes?

Even if you don't make it there the first time, almost everyone has at least a pleroma experience... a feeling of calm, peace, and increased appreciation of love for all.

In this 3 to 4 hour workshop you will experience dramatic changes in your beingness. It leaves you with a wonderful feeling of total freedom that can last for days, or maybe longer.

$40.00 per person. No preparation is required to participate.

Kid's Meditation

Prema Healing Meditation , 5658 S. Rex Road, Memphis, 38120.

Would you like your yong ones to have better grades? Better behavior? Be calmer? Have less reliance upon others to entertain them? Be less dramatic and more in control? Perform better in sports or artistic pursuits?
Meditation is not only possible for children it is an important part of learning to manage themselves, and life.
Joinn us each Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 7:15 as we teach basic techniques that are designed for chldren from 8 to 12 years of age (other classes available for 12 to 16 years of age). Kids will learn basic breathing, visualization, purpose, creativity, and self control.

$10.00 per child. See Calendar for times.