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As most therapists will tell you, Trauma is a difficult condition to deal with. This is true with the tools that therapists have available because mental health professionals consider a trauma to be a mental condition. It isn't.

Trauma is a spiritual condition which drains your available vital energy and makes it difficult to function. It causes your body's energy system to remain in a state of chaos and depletes the vital energy you need to live your life. Attempting to rationalize or "think" it away may help a little, but since a trauma is not rational or logical, rationalizing and trying to think it away have little effect.

What is a trauma?

When we encounter a life experience that our body's energy system deems to be too difficult for us to handle it takes a portion of our vital energy to wrap around a group of related emotions and lock them away so that we don't have to deal with them. This is called a "trauma cap" and will remain in place until we release the trauma cap and begin to work on the emotions that it was holding in place.

Someone who has experienced one trauma is susceptible to having multiple subsequent traumas because the available energy to deal with life's experiences becomes depleted after the first one. This downward spiral will continue until you simply do not have enough energy to live.

How does one release this Trauma Cap?

Through a fairly simple series of emotion processing methods the Trauma Cap can be removed permanently. As the emotions are released from the protection of the trauma cap they too can be released.

Do I have to relive the experience(s)?

You will need to revisit the experiences but you do not have to relive them. The experience was not pleasant the first time you experienced them and there is always reluctance to revisit them again. Not to worry. Your body is self protective and will only permit you to revisit what you are able to handle. If it is a very intense experience it will come off in layers. Many, however, will experience immediate relief as the vital energy is released to make whole again.

What can I expect to feel after the processes?

You should feel tired but energized as you regain your vital energy. You should begin to feel less chaotic and more stable. Small experience should irritate you far less than before the processing. If you have physical disabilities as a result of the traumas, they should begin to heal very rapidly and in some cases immediately.

How long will it take to heal completely?

That varies with the individual and how willing you are to let go and heal. Subconsciously we often fear letting go of traumas, even though they are injurious to our health because we learn to adapt to our new energy level and it feels familiar, if not comfortable. However, the processes work on everyone.

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