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Emotion Processing

"Emotion Processing" categorizes various methods of spiritual technologies, the effectiveness of which is based upon the premise that our spiritual consciousness is superior to and has controlling influence over our physical and mental bodies. Understanding this structure requires us to conclude that all of our physical, emotional, and mental conditions are considered to be tied to and subordinate to our spiritual "beingness". Assigning of an emotion (energy) to our experiences is a function of our ego/false self, usually independent from our spiritual "beingness", and may manifest in both the physical and mental parts of our mind/body/spirit complex.

A common illustration of this would be how our emotions are displayed in our facial expressions or mental/emotional reactions to experiential catalyst. Over time, these stored emotional reactions/interpretations accumulate and develop what Eckhart Tolle describes as our "Pain Body". If our assignment of emotional value (reaction) is strong enough it becomes a trauma, a phobia, a physical ailment, or at least a stored reactive behavior (imprint) that conditions us to react to future experiences based upon the instructions from our stored biases and prejudices (stored in our energy system) establishing unhealthy patterns of behavior over our lifetime.

"Emotion Processing" is an important ingredient to our health that can assist us in locating these stored emotional blockages and resolve them. With the resolution comes the freedom to respond to life's experiences by use of our freewill, rather than a reactionary conditioned response. Prema Healing providers have been trained to use a variety of these methods to accomplish the goal of finding and releasing blocked energy ("illness") within a person's energy system. The selection of which method to use varies with clients and often times requires a mix and match approach to obtain the most elegant results.

Processing has proven extremely safe and effective to resolve a wide range of "unwanted conditions" including addictions, phobias, physical pains and discomforts, anxiety disorders, allergies, and much more too lengthy to list here. It is also extremely effective in facilitating spiritual growth. By clearing these "conditions" we are clearing blockages in our energy system (Chakras). By clearing these blockages it becomes possible to more easily bring our clear flow of energy into a higher vibration (consciousness) level (to the upper chakras). We begin to respond to life, rather than perpetually reacting to experiences. We are able to maintain a perspective of love and wisdom, rather than fear, guilt, or shame.

When we are able to raise our energy vibration/consciousness healing becomes automatic. We learn to love and have compassion for ourselves. We are then able to extend this love and compassion to other "selves" and to the world around us. We begin to see people and things as they really are, and to appreciate the beauty of creation as it is, without distortion of our ego or false self. We experience true freedom and the joy of living.

The fear of exposing our ego/false self, or having to re-live harsh emotions, is often the biggest hindrance to pursuing this freedom. The anticipation of these experiences is always more difficult than actually doing the work and releasing the bondage that these energies hold us within. Why not experience the freedom that you were meant and designed to have, along with the joy of living.

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