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See Schedule of Enlightenment Class and Workshops for times and locations.

Beginner's guided group meditation is offered each week (see calendar of events for times and dates) and assumes that you have never meditated before, or have attempted to begin a practice without success. We provide basic instruction in posture, breathing, relaxation, grounding, and guided meditations to begin your healing process. (Suggested donation $10.00)

We would also recommend a free initial consultation by appointment to assess your goals and needs to make your healing process as successful as possible. It is our un-scientific conclusion that only about 15% of the population is able to just sit down and begin to meditate. However, that does not mean that with the proper tools and commitment to use those tools that you cannot learn to meditate and experience the miraculous healing benefits.

A combination of simple self applied emotion processing methods and meditation can, and will speed you along your development path. Emotion processing consists a variety of different methods of "super charged" add ons to meditation that can take decades off of your meditation development time to achieve healing and spiritual consciousness goals.

Intermediate guided group meditation is offered each week (see calendar of events for times and dates) and is designed for those in transition from a beginning practice to a more advanced practice. The intermediate meditator is one of the most dangerous levels for loosing interest in the meditation practice because we have passed the beginner stages, but haven't yet obtained a grasp of what else to do when in meditation. We provide information and guidance on what to do in your meditation beside breathe and/or attempt to quiet the mind through guided exercises. A more productive practice provides a greater commitment to maintaining the consistency and intensity of meditation and using the group resources has proven very helpful to do this.

Beginning or maintaining an emotion processing practice as a parallel endeavor greatly accelerates the experience and begins to allow the practitioner new and exciting opportunities for self discovery, freedom, and spiritual growth. (Suggested Donation $10.00)

Advanced guided group meditation is an opportunity to expand your developed meditation practice in a group energy environment while learning new and exciting experiences about yourself. We emphasis energy exercises, working to heighten your concentration and awareness of Self within the environment of other energies. We explore the Self through sensations of energy wiithin and without while offering shared information of experiences in meditation to aid your knowingness of the world within.
As with less developed meditation practices we encourage implimentation of a serious emotion processing practice in tandem with your meditation to enhance your progress and maximize the healing energy of your awareness through learning to talk to your Higher Self and learn to use your Higher Self as your healing guide and meditation guide. (See Enlightenment 101: Meeting Your Guide). (Suggested donation $10.00) (see calendar of events for times and dates)

Kid's meditation classes are conducted for kids 10 to 15 years of age (see calendar of events for times and dates). Meditation has proven to be the single most significant contributing factor to help kids find their inner self and learn to concentrate and become aware of what is happening inside. This produces a sense of comfort and stability to reduce or illiminate the stress of being a kid/teenager. Results of these awarenesses and stability are demonstrated in improved grades, better behavior in school and out, improved sports and artistic abilities, and generally a happier childhood.

We begin with a basic understanding of respect for meditation as a tool, instructing basic breathing, relaxation and grounding techniques. When and how to use meditation for calm and Self discovery come next, while learning awareness of the Self and those around us.

What is more, it is a gift of a lifetime. When we learn to look within for answers and find happiness with being who we are, we feel better about expressing who we truly are and doing what we were intended to do, rather than rely upon others to provide our happiness.($10.00 per child.) Advanced registration suggested.