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Meditation is seemingly a simple matter. You stop looking outward, stop responding to the outer environment and even stop attending to your own thoughts as far as following those thoughts and analyzing their content, or chewing through various processions of thoughts. In meditation, such thoughts are seen as noise rather than signal and allowed to rise and fall as they will, without the mind of the meditator being activated.

That would seem to be the entire activity of meditation, closing out the outer world, entering the inner world, leaving the world of words and voices and issues and entering the world without voices, without words and without issues.

However, meditation is much more than entering the silence, for there can be a silence of mind which simply indicates boredom. Silences within the space/time world may not offer anything except a quick exit into sleep. However, silence is a key that opens the door into time/space. Silence is the transit between the world of the mind and the world of consciousness.

The mind of space/time is handy and useful for many things within your outer world. It is not useful for becoming more aware of one's own deeper nature. It is not a good tool with which to investigate the world of spirit. People will often think of the mind and of consciousness as one and the same thing. However, we would differentiate between them. The mind is a space/time mechanism, whereas consciousness is a time/space phenomenon.

Now, as you go into meditation, you are seeking to enter your own consciousness. That consciousness dwells in undistorted form at the heart of your being. It is a faculty which you share with all other sentient beings upon planet Earth. Indeed, in its ultimate sense, it is that which is shared by all aspects of the universe whatsoever, for it is the consciousness that can be called the "Logos" or that one original Thought of love.

This is the value of meditation: that it moves you from mind to consciousness and from the surface of consciousness gradually deeper and deeper into the essence of that one great original Thought of love.

Further, when you are in meditation, you are vibrating in congruity with all others who have attained your particular present level of consciousness. Therefore, the state of consciousness is a powerful one and is that which becomes more and more powerful as one is able to allow the process of meditation to clarify and simplify that self-perception of consciousness, so that it gains more and more of the characteristics of that one great original Thought of unconditional love.

The goal of meditation, then, is to create the progressive increase of awareness of one's true nature as a being of love. It is an awareness, or a complex of awarenesses, that can be sustained to a degree when you open your eyes and come out of meditation and reenter the noisy world of the everyday.

When meditation is practiced regularly, the results begin to multiply. One may count among those results an ever deeper awareness of the truth that is beyond words, an ever deeper appreciation of consciousness itself and of the nature of the Logos and an ever wider and more tolerant perception of the illusory world of humankind in all of its aspects.

- Quo