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Behavioral Kinesiology

("Muscle Testing")

One of, if not "the" most significant difficulties we have as humans is distinguishing what is true, from what is not true. Whether this conundrum pertains to our health, our relationships with other people, or our relationship with spirit, we have been taught that we must rely upon reasoning, rationalization, faith, or just luck to find our way in the world. This is no longer true. Truth is available to us right here, right now.

What if you could know, really know for sure, what life is bringing your way? Wouldn't you want to know, rather than guessing, or making choices based upon assumptions and misinformation? Couldn't you make better decision about your future if you only knew the truth about what has happened in the past, or is happening now?

Through Behavioral Kinesiology (AKA " Muscle Testing") you can obtain the truth about who you are, what is your purpose, why are you sick, what will make you well, what you should eat, where you really came from, where you are supposed to be going, what is God's plan for you, does a certain politician really have your best interest at heart, is he/she telling you the truth, and anything else you want to know.

The science of Kinesiology was discovered by Dr. George Goodheart, further researched by Dr. John Diamond, and perfected by Dr. David Hawkins. The authenticity and veracity of Behavioral Kinesiology have been scientifically tested, studied, and verified in thousands of experiments including numerous double blind experiments throughout the world and, when properly performed, with unwavering results. You can know the truth!

Kinesiology Private Sessions
Prema Healing offers individualized private kineiology sessions. We have prepared two different models based upon our extensive experience to provide you with truthful answers about your spiritual being (Spiritual Model) and/or your physical/emotional/mental condition (Physical Model). Each session lasts about an hour and the results are provided to you in written form. While we have prepared these models to provide you with a broad range of information, we encourage you to provde us with specific areas of inquiry that you seek information on.

Kinesiology Workshops

The actual techniques of Behavioral Kinesiology are not difficult to learn. In fact the techniques can be taught in less than thirty minutes to anyone. However, there is an art to presenting the questions you seek answers for and to verifying the results. This does take some additional time to learn and understand.

Behavioral Kinesiology, as presented by Prema Healing, is based upon the techniques pioneered by Dr. Goodheart and refined and perfected by Dr.'s Diamond and Hawkins. During this one day workshop you will learn the techniques as well as the limitations (there aren't many). You will learn how to select and phrase your inquiry to obtain the most complete answer, as well as how to calibrate the integrity of the information you have gained.

Prema Healing offers four Kinesiology workshops designed to provide the greatest benefit to the participants. Each workshop is a day long event and each will provide you with a functional familiarity of the techniques so that you will be able to incorporate the practice of Kinesiology into your daily life.

1. Prema Healing Behavioral Kinesiology Healing Model. This program is focused upon healers and those in need of healing. Presentations will give participants tools to identify physical, emotional, and mental conditions which permit you to trace unwanted conditions to root causes and also locate the best curative for your needs.

2. Prema Healing Behavioral Kinesiology Spiritual Discovery Model. Spiritual seekers are among the most often deceived because we simply have had limited access to the metaphysical world. Even the physical world gives us fits as to what is true and not true. With  Kinesiology you can know what you have only had to have faith in knowing before. Discovering who you really are, why you are here, and what your purpose is provides direction and confidence in your spiritual pursuits.

3. Prema Healing Behavioral Kinesiology Business Model. Consciousness determines how we act and how we are able to function in the world. We invest in people and things based upon past history, but it really has come down to a subjective guess of how we feel about them. Kinesiology takes the guess work out of your business decisions. Determining the consciousness level of yourself, your company, your employees and products helps you determine where you really are in the market place, as well as who your true market really is. Take the guess work out of running your business and find how absolute truth can make your life better.

4. Prema Healing Behavioral Kinesiology Personal Performance Model. So much of excelling is going beyond the perceived physical and mental limitations that a person may have experienced in the past. Moving beyond these limits is a matter of finding one's power to bring you past such limits as pride or fear. With Kinesiology we can know precisely the limits that you may currently be experiencing and through Emotion Processing, meditation, and mindfulness Prema Healing can aid the client in surpassing your previous highest accomplishment.