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  Overcoming Grief or Loss
 Emotion Processing.

The experience of Grief and/or a feeling of Loss can be a crushing condition that can last a lifetime, or that may be balanced in a relatively short period of time. It may lie dormant within us and slowly cause the manifestation of physical illness, usually in the form of heart or lung disease. Grief particularly can be insidious because the feeling of grief is often leading a variety of underlying emotions including guilt, shame, fear, or anger. These may even rotate throughout your life as each one creeps to the surface center stage  for a period of time and then recesses to permit the next one to emerge.

What is a grief?

Like all emotions, grief is a vibrational range of energy which we store in our chest area. It feels like heartache and may include feelings of sorrow or despair. If you are able to look at the grief itself it almost always will be located in the center of the chest. It will usually be cylindrical in shape possibly extending from the lower throat to the solar plexus. It feels heavy and dark and weighs upon the chest.

How does one get rid of a grief?

As explained at the top of this page grief usually hides other emotions that actually have a lower vibrational range of energy than grief. Through a series of emotion processing sessions it is a fairly simple process of identifying and dissipating the emotion baggage that one is carrying that holds the grief in place. The complexity of releasing grief is the range of associated emotions that go along with it.

Initially you will probably need to begin with some guided sessions where we help you to unload the grief until it gets sufficiently released that you have enough energy/consciousness to begin doing the work yourself. Then you can begin to take charge of your own healing and do most of the work yourself with only periodic guidance from our processors.

How long will it be before I can start to live and feel good again?

As always, that depends on you. It depends on where you begin, meaning how much emotional baggage you are carrying. It depends on how hard you work on yourself to institute healing. Immediate results are possible and probable, but completion of the healing is variable depending on your commitment.

What should I expect?

Almost immediately you should expect to feel better and feel like a significant burden has been released. Over a relatively short period of time you should notice a significant change in how you view life's experiences. Ultimately you should be totally self aware and be able to look at all of your past life experiences that have held grief and see them as just another experience. You should be able to think of the loss with gratitude for the lessons that were brought to you for your own growth and progress.

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