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Healing Depression
 Emotion Processing.

Depression, as you may well know if you experience the condition, can be an extremely debilitating one, but most people do not know why. Depression seems to be mystical in nature, but only because most people view depression as a mental condition. Like all conditions that affect our mind/body/spirit complex the source of the condition is energetic, or as otherwise may be known, it is a manifestation of a burden upon one's vital energy (AKA, consciousness). Like all of the unwanted conditions that Prema Healing works upon, it is a spiritual condition.

What is depression?

Every person in the earth experience has potentially available the same amount of vital energy/consciousness as everyone else. How that energy is allocated and managed, to a great degree, determines how we are able to function and how much of that vital energy becomes available during our lifetime. The experiences that we have we collected and stored are what we call "emotional baggage". This emotional baggage is stored within our energy system according to various layers distinguishable as speeds of oscillation. Each layer is a different emotion and is stored within certain geographic areas within the energetic body which corresponds to the physical body. Depression usually occurs as a result significant amounts of stored low vibrating energy providing a heavy burden to the available vital energy.

How do you get rid of this low vibrating energy (emotion) that causes the depression?

As with all unwanted emotions it is necessary to do the work of locating and releasing this stored emotional baggage. To heal depression requires a commitment to release a lot of emotional baggage. However, after an initial period of guided work the client can usually do much of the work themselves. Emotion processing methods available for such work are quick, permanent, and safe.

How long will it take?

That depends on you. It depends on where you begin, as far as how much emotional baggage you are carrying. It depends on how diligently you work on yourself to institute healing. Immediate results are possible and probable, but completion of the healing is variable depending on your commitment.

What should I expect?

Our emotions are stored on a scale and in patterns that are unique to us. As you release the lower (heavier) baggage you will move upward through the sequential emotions until you reach a point where you want to stop; where you feel your comfort level. This will be a level of stability for you where depression is no longer an issue.

If you commit to continue the work you will experience joy because constant joy is the by product and measure of success of how you are doing.

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