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Dean's - Bio

 A life long student of mostly western but some eastern philosophy, seeking answers to our existence, Dean Graves began to pursue a more esoteric path of discovery beginning about 1999. The path began with an investigation into the discovery and healing of the human being through the spirit, rather than through either the physical, or mental components of our existence. While this may seem like a logical path that should have been recognized and pursued from the onset, it is not one that is openly promoted, or endorsed by our society.

Dean began a practice of daily meditation in the course of pursuing this new path of discovery, which proved not only fruitful, but dramatically revealing of the secrets of our existence. It became apparent that the strength of our ability to heal ourselves is predicated upon a balanced perspective to our existence on Earth. The combination of "left brain" information and "right brain" experience provided a balanced method of approaching healing, as well as a balanced approach to life, in general.

It was through meditation that the elements of rationality (left brain functions) and mysticism/intuition (right brain function) began to become balanced for Dean and clarity of understanding and insightful awareness of the world around us and our place in it began to fall into order. The conditions which finally facilitated the knowingness that Dean sought for so many years was the balancing itself, hence what creates the opportunity for healing.

In the course of this journey of discovery, Dean has had excellent instruction and guidance from a variety of sources, including, but certainly not limited to the work and teachers of L & L Research, Larry Rosenberg, Joseph Goldstein, Gary Craig, Dr. Zivorad Slavinski, and many others, too numerous to mention here. This instruction continues today from a variety of sources, for we are forever students.

Beginning about 2006, Dean began to share what he has been learning as a student and practitioner of meditation and the various adjunct methods of a new and rapidly growing method of self discovery and healing known as spiritual technology (Emotion Processing). By incorporating these newly packaged methods of the release of unwanted conditions within the self, the benefits attributed to  traditional meditation are accelerated dramatically. Even conventional science is learning to adopt and incorporate this new technology into routine practice to expedite healing, both physical and mental. Of course the real benefit is the healing of the spirit that precedes the physical and mental healing.