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Carol's Bio

Carol departed from her physical body on December 19, 2011. We celebrate her life in every moment of every day and offer sincere gratitude for the higher consciousness that she shared with us while she was in physical form, and as she continues to do in her spiritual form. Spiritually Carol was able to accomplish significant feats which aided all of humanity by raising the collective consciousness of the population of earth. We miss her physical presence, but still have her teachings, love, and guidance with us... always. 

Carol’s meditative practice began a number of years ago when she sought respite from severe health issues that were becoming debilitating. This kicked off a series of spiritual awakenings in which she experienced “Oneness” and gained an understanding of the nature of all existence, as well as the true cause of illness and disease. She then began to learn various forms of meditation and healing modalities to gain further healing and learn how to assist others in their healing process.

Carol has been trained in the art of Reiki and became a practitioner in 2005. She then traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to be trained and certified in PEAT (Prime Energy Activation & Transcendence) processing, hoping to assist others along the path of healing and awakening with this ability. PEAT is a form of energy psychology developed by psychologist, Zivorad Slavinski, that works with balancing the polarity of energy to bring about healing. While in Louisville, Carol and Dean had the honor of meeting Carla Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty, two of the three facilitators of The Law of One. Carla recently decided to begin teaching and invited Carol and Dean to participate in a series of Intensives, which have greatly enhanced the meditative practices they practice and teach.

Carol attended several Satori breath workshops that brought her to an awareness of how breathing techniques can heal. She set out to learn more about this type of healing and has studied and experimented with several methods of traditional breathwork and “new thought” techniques. Along the way she studied and experienced The Presence Process, a ten week program of breathwork, combined with awareness exercises that bring about healing and blissful present moment awareness. These methods are now offered in the advanced meditation classes.

Carol’s journey through healing has coalesced into a meditative/healing methodology that is straightforward and profound in its ability to bring about healing and transformation. The classes and workshops facilitated by Carol and Dean are the product of a wonderful collaboration of growth within each individual and between the two. Both understand that the “western mind” is one that is rarely taught to sit in silence. In addition to this, many suffer from physical symptoms that can strongly curtail a practice of meditation. The practices they bring to the table offer ways to train the mind to be calm, with the goal of transcending thought altogether. The methods of balancing energy and removing energy blockages allow one to begin healing the physical body so that meditation becomes a joyful and transformational experience.