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Heal Addiction

When most people think of addiction they think of a substance abuse or of a behavior that seems un-controllable and self destructive. Certainly there is more than enough evidence in each and every person's life to support that definition, but actually it is more than that.

What is addiction?

When anyone feels the need to seek something or someone outside of their own beingness to make themselves feel better, they are demonstrating addictive behavior! We feel an energy inside of us that doesn't feel good. Rather than learning to use this uncomfortable feeling to investigate and learn more about ourselves, we look for something outside of ourselves to make us feel better. We may go shopping to buy ourselves something new; we may look for love in all the wrong places; we may turn to food and over eat; or, we may turn to alcohol or drugs. Once we experience a release from the unpleasant energy that we are feeling from a substance or behavior we will continue to return to that substance/behavior to seek the same relief, but it seldom if ever is there again.

All that we want from the addiction is to feel better.

Feeling better without the addiction.

Seldom do we seek help for an addiction until it almost kills us, or we are in enough pain and suffering as a result of the addiction. Overcoming an addiction is not easy, but it is within your grasp. In order to cure an addiction it is necessary to remove the causes of your feeling the uncomfortable energy that is making you seek some other resolution such as food, drugs, or sex.

Emotion processing is a series of spiritual techniques (not religious) that are designed to find the root causes of these uncomfortable energies and remove them... permanently. Once achieving this state of being the desire and need to smoke, eat, get high, get drunk, or find love is gone.

How long will it take for me to get well?

We all begin the healing process at different places, and have a variable commitment to get well. How long it takes will vary from person to person, but since the healing is deep and permanent, the illness does not reoccur.

What can I expect?

Before you can begin to heal you must first get clean! We do not do that. We work to help you heal root causes of the illness after a physical detox, if that is necessary.

You can expect some immediate healing by the release of the most superficial emotions. You should feel lighter and more focused, being more clearheaded. Then it will be a period of hard work where you begin to locate deeper more rooted emotions and behavioral patterns that have held you in the addiction. As these are released, and you learn to self process, healing will accelerate because the energy holding the emotional baggage in place become available to do more work, so the healing will accelerate.

Ultimately you should experience freedom from the addiction, but more importantly, freedom from the unpleasant energy feelings that motivated you to develop an addiction in the first place. Then you will experience joy and real healing.

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